Tucked In

by Tuckered Out

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released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Tuckered Out San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Hippocracy
Every time you fake it
I always cry while naked
It seems so wild to fake it
Cuz i don't try to make it

It doesn't take a lot to please me
It doesn't take much
Don't pretend you've made it all the way
I'll pretend I have the touch

Every time you see me
You always try to leave me
But that won't fly with me
Cuz i ride so high you can't see me

It won't do well to make a fuss of it
Won't do well at all
Stick with me through thick and thin
Or at least until i take a fall

Every time you're with me
It feels so fine when you kiss me
I write my lines real silly
If they don't rhyme you can kill me

It doesn't take a lot to please me
It doesn't take much
Just talk to me like i can understand
Even though I'm out of touch
Track Name: Ppl I Don No
Make me up into a movie star
Write me into every novel
I wanna make it

Build me up into a millionaire
Money just won't be enough, no
I wanna be loved by people i don't know

Ship me out into a sea of screams
Manipulate all my surroundings

You have the vice to do this right
It would be nice of you to try to

Ruin me forever
Ruin me for good
Ruin me forever
Ruin me for good

Meet me and say you're my biggest fan
Treat me like one of the Beatles
You really get me

Accompany me to the private clubs
We're drunkenly falling in love now
But think about all the people we don't know

Fuck me and take me to Disneyland
Impulsively tying the knot now
Without a prenup

My mom says you're no good
But what does she think she knows about the business?
I'll do what i should
To seal my golden fate all while you

Ruin me forever
Ruin me for good
Ruin me forever
Ruin me for good

Parade me around like the president
Exploiting me saving the world now
I'm doing it for the people i don't know
Track Name: Burdy
I got a call
My brother wants me to watch his bird this fall
Although I normally carry reservations
For the caging of fragile creatures of flight
I had to do what was right
And save that little burdy from a world of lonely fright

He hung by the wall
And didn't really do anything at all
Oh what a life for a bird

So it occurred to me we both could have some fun
If we played in the sun
But that little burdy didn't understand a wordy
of simple English

When i called burdy
hey burdy
hey burdy come come burdy
Burdy hey burdy
burdy come come burdy

Burdy flied until he died
but he soared across the ocean
with a burdy flock by his side
Then he flew into a balloon
and the doctor couldn't help him
said he wished he coulda been there sooner

The little bird in m e flew off to somewhere new
Over miles of blue
Leaving me to wonder if he'd ever find another
consistent source of food

good burdy
Track Name: Coolaid
Jaimie wants a piece of everyone to come and call his name
Just see him fall to pieces when he finds that none are one the same
He speaks until the sunrise over all the points he made
If even for a little he became a racy holiday

He calls them out by number through the founder of the rank
Tends to put them under by consenting strengths
Its just a holiday for all your days
to come together and make one big long day

A lazy afternoon they'd spend among the followers intent
On banishing the evil that surrounds them after all is spent
There's nothing to be pondered nothing needs to be declared
The doctrine Jaimie issued has become no reason for despair

He lines them up in order of the numbers from before
Gradually they slumber into fabled lore
Its just a holiday for all your days
to come together and make one big long day
Track Name: Witto Bubbo
Little bubble floating away
Little bubble why don't you come to stay?
I had such a good time when you came by today

Little bubble hide and seek
I think I'll have to look for you all week
Before i find you so I can remind you that

Little bubble I need you so
Little bubble I miss you where'd you go?

Why can't you last forever?
You're fragile in stormy weather
How can you leave me?
A boy needs his simple pleasures
Help me out so I can make it last forever

Little bubble made of tears
Try and catch you quickly disappear
Wanna crawl up inside you so I can confide in you

Everything that's stuck inside
Pick me up and take me for a ride

Across the sea of harmony
A place to say whatever comes to me

Little bubble howdy do?
I'm doin fine today but how are you?

Little bubble what's up jack?
Little bubble cut me off some slack

If you know you're not comin' bubble
Try'n make it so on the double
Cuz I can't keep waiting here for the song to be over
So just come on over now
Track Name: Mr. Walker
It's hard to think of what i'd do to you when you present it
Cuz every time you give me different answers what else can i do?
Than make it everything that i could dream of too
And still you wonder why

They don't love you
Mr. Walker
They don't love the way you put the pressure on me
No they don't love you
Mr. Walker
They don't love the way you put the pressure on me, oh

You try to single out my apathy its ineffective
You try to spin it so the sympathy will come right back to you
But all our friends can see just what you've been up to
But I'm the fool here

Cuz I still love you
Mr. Walker
I still love the way you fuck the shit up in me
Oh I still love you
Mr. Walker
I still love the way you fuck the shit up in me, oh

I can't wait to get over, I can't wait to get so over you
I can't wait to get over, I can't wait to get so over you
Oh but I don't think that I'm ever going to
And that's my problem

Cuz I still love you
Mr. Walker
I still love the way you fuck the shit up in me
Oh I still love you
Mr. Walker
I still love the way you fuck the shit up in me, oh
Track Name: Sofi Kiki
Sofi found out how to get around now
So she vowed to never settle down now
To lead a life of liberating prance abouts
Don't know how she'd ever turn it down now
How could she?

Sofi wowed the crowd when she bowed down
In a cloud she's found when she has to go down
But all the people talked about her in her town
Sofi now now tryn calm down now

Sofi Kiki

Sofi flew to visit her mom
Cried every night when she was down
Papa would be furious if he
Was ever one to be around
Please don't leave and go back to the dirty city
Is what mama said to little Sofi
But her sweetheart was a little cash cow

Sofi Kiki

Sofi helped her mama with the bills back home
Paid off her student loans
Just be careful brother if you wish to roam
The cybernetic dome
Track Name: Pebbles
Baby, even when you're next to me
Well I still crave you under my tongue
Clench my teeth and whistle my song

Crazy is what I aim to be
But you don't help me when we're alone
You keep me sane you got it wrong
Got it wrong
Got it wrong
Oh woa woa

Maybe this is how it has to be
We're up and down but never in tune
Strike a goldmine under the moon

Lazy is our reformity
I love you do i really don't know
Back into the swing we go
Here we go
Here we go
Oh woa woa

My fruit is looming
My race is moving
My rocks are rooting
Looting all my minerals

Lately I've finally come to see
You're better off without me around
Bite me off and guzzle me down

Strangely I can't pretend to be
Your heartless hero buried in sand
Toss me in the Rio Grande
Rio Grande
Rio Grande
Oh woa woa
Track Name: Pretty Gurls
Pretty girls everywhere
Pretty girls everywhere
What can I do but stare?
And hope they talk to me
Or notice that I'm even there
Its a shame that there's

Pretty girls everywhere
Pretty girls everywhere
Tossing their pretty hair
And laughing on the phone
They know they'll never be alone
Its a shame ain't it?

Pretty girls everywhere
Pretty girls everywhere
Why should I even care?
If it were up to me
Then nobody would be aware
Of the faces that

Pretty girls seem to share
It'd be so much more fair
If pretty girls weren't there

Then nobody would be upset about the
Way that they can't compare
To their radiant sheen and their graceful demeanor
Demanding intent glares

Pretty girls everywhere
Pretty girls everywhere
Talk to them if you dare
I bet they'll shoot you down
Cuz you're the saddest sack in town
Stay away from em

I bet they get together and talk about all the losers that call their names
Let me into your fairy tale
I wanna get in on the game

Pretty girls everywhere
Pretty girls everywhere
But none of them can compare
To this one by my side
Looks good enough to be my bride
But she won't cuz the

Pretty girls everywhere
Will make me have an affair
So I have to beware

To never fall in love or have the notion that one can be solitaire
Say what you must but until I grow up I'll have too much love to share
Track Name: Thanx
Thanks for listening
It means a lot to me
It's nice to know
I can share my feelings with you
I hope you know
You can share with me too
I'm a great listener

Maybe sometime
Real soon
We can get under the covers
And whisper
Our fears
Our dreams
And how the world just doesn't understand
Then we can hold each other real tight
And drift off into dreamland
But until then
Track Name: Every1
Everyone knows
That taking a walk while looking down
You wear a frown
Its easy to say
You're far away

But what we don't know
Is when you're awake you're not around
You never waste your time in the world
While everyone years for a long day out

Get up and go
Though often the streets will get you down
You'll bounce around and laugh at the way
The people play

They dance in a row
And waddle about the busy town
They settle for monotonous days
While everyone races the wrong way out

Stop getting stuck in invisible mazes
The walls help you find the way out
Everyone suffers the saddest of dazes
But everyone knows deep inside that we're alright

So lift up your soul
And wave it above the steady ground
You laid it down
You brought it today
In every way

Forget what you know
Don't make it about the lesson learned
You've had your turn now throw it away
And gracefully exit the long way out